Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I can't bear to cut his hair

Baby girl, Baby Bieber, baby mullet, cabeza gordita, little fathead, baby shag... call him what you want. Matthew has long hair. And I can't bear to cut it.

I never had any opposition to cutting Luke or Will's hair, so I set out on a pictorial inquisition to figure out why. Here is a picture of Luke and Will near their first birthday.

They had super short hair on their first birthday... through no fault of genetics! By the time Luke and Will reached a year, they had undergone two shunt surgeries each. Because of the extent of those surgeries and their small baby heads, they had been practically scalped. Twice.

I never got to choose when they received their first haircut. A neurosurgeon chose the date for me. One thoughtful one even saved a lock of Luke's hair for me. Will's was still too fine and short to save. It seemed to take forever for their hair to recover from its early, harsh chop job.

So now that Matt's hair has never been touched, I think I am savoring the fine, beautiful, long baby hair. I will eventually warm to the idea of cutting his hair into more of a trimmed little boy style. Yes, I have to style his hair over his collar. And around his ears. And am continually pushing it to the side so it doesn't hang into his eyes. But for now, just allow me to love the mullet.

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