Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When there are no words

Nate and I heard the sad news today that Jack Murray, a beautiful and wonderfully loved little boy that we know, was admitted to the pediatric ICU in very critical condition. We link a Caring Bridge journal that Jack's mom Julie keeps on the right side of our blog at I recommend that you read Jack's story.

Jack is fighter. He has been fighting a tough fight for a long time. His body is tired and he is having a hard time fighting this most recent fight - double pneumonia. His parents have said that they hope that he makes it through tonight. We are heartbroken for our friends.

Nate met Jack's dad Brian several years ago when they were working on the same construction project. Somehow they got around to telling their family stories. We felt an instant connection. We were fortunate to attend a fundraiser for Jack in 2008 and meet the whole family. The photo below is Jack meeting Otis at that fundraiser. Jack loves dogs and was so excited to meet Otis! We were so happy to share in such a special, important day.

Please pray for Jack's family - his mom Julie, dad Brian, big sis Kali and little brothers Gabe and Casey - as they travel this next step together. I wish I could offer words of hope or guidance, but there are no words. There are thoughts and prayers, quiet solace, friendship, admiration and affection, grief... and ultimately, peace.

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