Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall bonfire... a week ago!

I am a week behind with blog posts! Life is eventful these days - full of school, appointments, regular and unexpected drama, and more recently, illness! Ugh!

Last Saturday, the day after Will's seizure, we had plans to travel to Greensboro to attend my cousin's annual bonfire. We weren't sure if a late afternoon around a chilly fire ring was the best thing for Will, given the night before. Nate and I agreed that Will would be happier to take it easy at home, and I would take Luke and Matt to the bonfire to blow off some steam and hang with their cousins.

Will and Nate did well at home, and for the first time, I didn't feel any guilt about separating the family. We all had a great afternoon! But I have a feeling that this is something we'll address more and more as these types of social or stressful situations arise. The goal is always togetherness, but solo happiness also comes into play!

The bonfire was great! The weather turned very cold that day, so everyone was bundled up tight. Around the fire was a hustle of activity and cooking hot dogs. Luke took part in cooking his, and then took part in eating it. He was pretty excited about the whole thing - which prompted someone to ask him if he had ever been camping before. He said no, confused about what camping was... which made this former Girl Scout a little embarassed! I WANT to take these boys camping, but haven't quite gotten my head around the logistics of that yet. If a Kangaroo feeding pump beeps off of battery power in the forest, do you still hear it?

Matt couldn't be bothered with standing near the bonfire. Nor did he allow me to put mittens on his hands. He insisted on being a cold-handed, but grin and bear it kid on the playground! But he had a blast running with the older kids and was the saddest when it was time to go inside and get warm! Thanks to "Aunt" Pam for helping me keep him safe from himself!

And I wanted to just throw this photo in because it cracks me up. This is my cousin's 16 month old son, Ty. He's standing by the fire with the adults, drinking apple cider and wearing his older sister's pink gloves. But doesn't he look like a little old man!?

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