Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sharing the love

Biologically, Nate and I are not an uncle or an aunt. But as I have posted about before, we're lucky to have some very good friends whom we consider to be like siblings. And therefore, their kids are our nephews. In the past year, our two best couple friends have become parents for the first time (joining us in the chaos).

We invited these friends to our house this past weekend - not really an easy feat as one set lives in Charlotte and the other in Binghamton, NY. But, everyone was willing to travel and we were excited to host. We moved around beds, set up cribs, and that was pretty much it. Everything's already child-proofed. Bring on the extra kids!

By Friday of last weekend, we had a very busy house. 6 houseguests, but good thing for Luke, there were really only 4 names to remember (we had 2 Jennifers, 2 Andrews, a Martin and a Chris). It was a lot of fun, so low key, and surprisingly relaxing... how? Not quite sure, but it was! At any given point, you weren't really sure who was going to be holding onto which child. And for the first time in a while for us, we returned to having adults outnumber children.

We tried to take as many group shots of the boys as we could. We took them all to Hill Ridge Farm for the last open weekend - everyone loved the corn crib, slide, and train. Jen, Martin and Andrew brought Binghamton Senators t-shirts for all the boys, so we got a shot of that too. Point, cheese, flash... so many cameras! So what if no one is ever looking at the same one...

After Will's seizure the night before arrival, it was great to have good friends around to share the experience and have a little distraction. It was so fun! There were 2 bad things about the weekend though... the first was that it went by too quickly! It isn't often for us that we're surrounded by such great friends. The time went fast and before we knew it, everyone was loading up cars to get on the road and we were staring at 8 loads of laundry.

The other bad thing was that several were sick in our party, so by the end of the weekend, the remainder had caught whatever "crud" the others had. Like I called this post... just sharing the love. Oh well. Totally worth it.

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