Monday, November 14, 2011

Give me your tired, your poor, your ripped up linens

Will is learning how to bite. Anything he can find... not just food. He used to just grind his teeth, but now he has moved on. It started with him getting his shirt to his mouth and biting the sleeve. Then a couple of times he used his teeth to remove his hand splints. When he gets limber and adventurous, he gets a finger or thumb in there and bites. Then he giggles and does it again and again.

His most recent biting adventure came at the expense of his bedding. When we lay Will down to sleep, he goes on his left side, in the fetal position. If he isn't totally sleepy yet, he lays there for a while. His mouth is usually open and he's usually smiling, eyes wide in the dark. And that mouth open leads to a lot of drool and a wet pillow.

Enter biting habit.

Three times in the past month, I have gone to wake him up in the morning and found that he has bit and pulled on his wet pillow case and ripped a hole right in it. I am not talking tooth sized hole... I am talking that he gripped with molars and pulled. A couple of inch rip each time.

He's so proud of himself. Its hard to get upset about it when the answer to my question of "why are you destroying your pillow cases?" is met with an ear-to-ear grin.

I've given up on matching bedding. At this point, anything will do. If you've got any home- or partner-less pillow cases, send them our way! I'll post a picture for you when Will rips your pillowcase too :)

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