Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor

Luke became the proud owner of a new-to-him PowerWheels John Deere tractor just before Christmas. It came to us after being loved and then abandoned for years by another family with 3 boys (2 of whom are also twins!). As long as we promised to love it and get it working again, the tractor was ours. Nate was up for the challenge. Have you ever seen the price of a brand spanking new PowerWheels?!

After a new battery and some soldering, the tractor was back in functional order. Sure the colors were a bit faded from being out in the elements for the past couple of years, and the dumper doesn't exactly work because it was previously-loved by 3 other little boys. But that doesn't matter to Luke. That tractor is all his. Good thing Matt is a little afraid to ride it, because I think in a few months, we might have a fight on our hands.

Luke's favorite time to ride the tractor is right when he gets home from day care.  When the sun is still out, and we're not ready to go into the house and make dinner yet. It isn't every night, but a couple nights a week we stand out there - Luke on the tractor, Matt on Luke's tricycle, and Will in his chair - and just enjoy the togetherness. And the sound of the on/off motor. There are no brakes. The battery just cuts off when Luke lets off the gas. That took a while for me to get used to, and realize he wasn't skidding out each time he let off the gas!

Luke is getting to be a pretty skilled driver. He also suddenly finds himself as the kid everyone is jealous of! The tractor is fast. Way faster than the Barbie PowerWheels. Such a funny turn of events.

Tonight when we got home, the weather was a balmy 63 degrees (hello, where is winter?).  The tractor was calling Luke's name. 

Everyone rode around for a while, blowing off the steam of the day and relaxing for a bit.  The light was nice for photos.  I grabbed the camera.

As Luke rode down the cul-de-sac, turned around to go back up the sidewalk, to turn around and come back down the street, I snapped a couple of action shots.  I asked him to look natural.  Don't look at me, concentrate on your driving.  This is the only shot that he gave me. Natural, right?

Such a ham.  And so in love with his new ride.  I can only imagine what Luke's face is going to look like in 11 years when he gets behind the wheel of a real vehicle.  With brakes and a top.  He might not be able to see, his eyes will be so squinty and his face so smiley.

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