Monday, February 13, 2012

Measuring up

When I was Luke and Will's age, my best friend's name was Lizzie.  When I went over to her house, I got to do fun things like drink tea, make "perfume" by mixing together all the kitchen spices I wanted in a baggie, and play with her Siberian hamsters.  One of my strongest memories, though, is that her parents stood us up against the doorframe in their kitchen and measured how tall we were. Nothing made me prouder than being taller than Lizzie... not sure why I thought it was a competition, but I did.

We've never measured the boys against any doorframes, though I've wanted to. Before Will was strong enough to attempt standing, we moved out of our first house.  And we knew our last house was a temporary home.  But now that we're settled into this one for the long haul, it seemed like it was time to add some graffiti to the laundry room doorframe.  Will didn't exactly love it... but things went quickly and were as painless as we could make them.

Will got to wear his braces to help keep his feet flat.  The braces may have added about 1/4" to his height.  But check this out... who's the biggest Slavik?

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