Thursday, October 25, 2012

The walk between second and third

This change in Will has been amazing to watch. Six months ago, he didn't want to walk. He didn't try hard to move his legs - we had to make him do it. Physical therapy was filled with tears and low tone. But something has awakened in Will. I wish I knew what changed in him - but he has this desire to MOVE. You stand him up and put his feet on the floor, and he just goes. To the point of exhaustion sometimes... both his own and the person holding him up! Last weekend, we tried another method for getting Will to tolerate his Miracle League baseball game. Nate took Will out of the wheelchair, and stood with him at his position as Grasshopper's short stop. Will did not cry. Rather, he laughed and marched back and forth between second and third base, occasionally dropping to the turf to field an infield hit.

Nate's back held out for most of the game - thankfully it is just two innings! There was no easy way to have Will bat from a standing position, so Nate and Joe got him set up in his wheelchair to take his turn at the tee. And just in case you thought that Will miraculously overnight started enjoying baseball, this was his typical face while swinging his Louisville Slugger.

Hey. You can't win them all. From Will's perspective, when you're playing baseball, walking is fun and sitting is not. Maybe someday he might love all aspects of the game... maybe the roar of the crowd, the sound of the announcer, and periods of inactivity won't bother him. Maybe. I'm just going to marvel in the change and appreciate that Will will do things on his time.

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