Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I like long walks down 75 steps to the beach at sunset

We spent the weekend at Kiptopeke State Park in Virginia with my dad, stepmom, brother and his lovely bride... for those counting, this is our second Virginia State Park this fall :)  We've now visited 6 out of 35 parks, with one more to go this year!

Kiptopeke is located on the eastern shore of Virginia.  Back before Virginia built the 20-mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Kiptopeke used to be where the ferry landed on the eastern shore.  I think it is a great reuse of the space.  The World War II vintage cement ships (which had originally been used as a breakwater for the ferry) are still there, and utilized mostly by the amazing number of migratory birds that fly through the area every spring and fall.

We spent the weekend hiking, playing games, cooking food and enjoying each other's company and the fabulous weather.  Because we were so close to the Chesapeake Bay, the terrain was very flat and easy to push a wheelchair over.  We took a hike to the beach to view sunset on Saturday night... from the map it appeared as though there was a perfect (flat) boardwalk from which to view.  Except I misread the map.  And there were about 75 steps to go down from our flat hiking path to the perfect viewing boardwalk.

Perfect.  Not.

Thankfully we're resourceful and strong, and between my dad and Nate, they carefully carried Will's wheelchair to the end of the boardwalk with about 15 minutes to spare before the sun set over those cement ships.  Will loved his bouncy ride down the steps. 


Normally I am the one behind the camera.  There aren't a lot of photos of me on the blog or in the scrapbooks that I create.  Sometimes this annoys Nate, so for a while before the sunset, he grabbed the camera and snapped some shots of me and Will, Luke and Matt.  I'm grateful for this.

And finally, the crowning moment was upon us.  Sunset.  Which means absolutely nothing to my kids.  Or some in my party.  But was lovely nonetheless. 

When the sun sunk down below the surface of the Bay, it started to get dark very quickly.  We hightailed it up those 75 steps (a little tougher for us to get back up with Will's wheelchair than it was to get down) and headed back to the lodge for dinner, s'mores and sleep.

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Schatzi04 said...

Absolutely beautiful sunset! Love, Mom