Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Our fall is jam packed.  I am not sure how this always ends up happening, but the minute the calendar moves from August to September, the weeks get busier and time starts flying by faster than it usually does.

I love fall, and one of the things I really like it taking the kids to the pumpkin patch (Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville).  Everyone has a lot of fun in their corn crib, huge slide, hay jumps, train ride, duck races, and hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.  And of course, I love taking pictures of the kids there... it might be 85 degrees outside, but gosh darn it... ITS FALL!

We hit Hill Ridge this past weekend because between the end of September and Halloween, it was the only time we could go.  I thought it would be empty this early in the pumpkin season... WRONG!  Madhouse.  But hey, so's our house.  We took 2 sets of friends to help throw elbows in the crowds.  Just kidding.

As I am sitting here flipping through the pictures, the most remarkable thing is how much older all of the boys look this year... October 2011 just doesn't seem that long ago.  But in October 2012, my little misters look a whole lot bigger.

See photographic evidence below:

2011: Luke laughing at duck races (not caring about winning or losing)

2012: Luke losing his race at duck races

2011: Will and Oma dancing to the music

2012: Will and Aunt Jenn enjoying a special moment together

2011: Matthew a little nervous about the immensity of the hay pile

2012: Matthew showing the hay pile who's boss

2011: Friendships emerging (at the top of the hay pile)

2012: Competition starting... already?! (ready for their first solo trip down the huge slide)
2011: Babies then...

2012: Big boys now...
Where does the time go?  Thank goodness for photos!  Helps to remember all the growing everyone has done in the past year.

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