Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big day

Will's surgery is scheduled for first thing Friday morning. This date has kind of snuck up on us and we're scrambling to make sure we've got all our ducks in a row. It has really been a help to have Oma here to make up for where we lack!

We're definitely hoping for a quick, minimal surgery. Apparently, this kind of teste reconnaissance surgery can either be pretty straight forward or very tricky. The current plan is to go in through the inguinal canal and retrieve Will's hidden buddy. If it comes down easily, then the surgery will be pretty quick and recovery will be relatively easy. He'd be home tomorrow afternoon.

But if that little sucker has decided that he likes it better somewhere up higher in Will's abdominal cavity, then the surgeon will have no choice but to do an abdominal incision and retrieve the testicle from the front. I equate this kind of surgery to a male c-section, and will be a longer surgery and a more difficult recovery. If they have to do this surgery, then Will will have to spend the night at the hospital. They won't know until they start the surgery which way they'll have to go.

Think good thoughts for Will and his surgeon! Nate and I will be spending the waiting time at a place we know so well... the UNC cafeteria. Give either one of us a call if you want an update during the day, otherwise I'll plan to post an update sometime tomorrow night.

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