Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When it comes to photos, lighting can make all the difference. We took a hike this past weekend in a section of Umstead State Park where we haven't hiked before. The lighting was absolutely astonishing through the tree canopy, and we got some awesome photos of the boys. We also tired them out to a point that they slept amazingly through the night... but that's another story! We're super proud of Luke, who hiked the entire 2 miles down to the stream and back up again (with only moderate dragging from me and Nate). Not quite sure why Matt and Will were so tired, they got carried the whole way!

It seemed like everyone that we passed on the trail remarked on how many kids were in our party - some in amazement, some in encouragement... one guy even said something like "wow, you're really bogged down with kids, huh?" I guess some people think we're crazy. But we really enjoy getting out of the house, finding cool new places to go, and making some unique memories with the boys. Sure it takes us longer to move along the trail (we never claimed we were good hikers), but who really cares? I'd rather be heavier than lighter along this journey, anyway.

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