Monday, October 25, 2010

It is I, Captain Nilla Wafer... crunch, crunch, crunch

I highly suspect that most of the people who watch the video below will think it is boring. After all, watching a kid crunch on Nilla Wafers is about as exciting as watching someone rock climb.

However, I ask that you watch the video with the following information ahead of time:

  1. Will has really only been tolerating pureed foods and very small bits of mushy food up until this point. He hasn't really had to chew these things.

  2. Prior to Will's adenoidectomy in March, we had stopped giving him pureed foods altogether because he was perpetually so sick that even a watery puree was enough to make him gag.

  3. We have been working really hard to introduce him to new foods and textures since that time. A lot of the time, he gags when he is first introduced, just because the food is foreign to him.

  4. He had never had a Nilla Wafer before this video.

So with all that lead up, check out the video below of Will eating quartered Nilla Wafers. It was an amazing, monumental, totally unexpected surprise when he started crunching away on these cookies! This is really a wonderful breakthrough for Will... thanks Nabisco (:: cheese ::)!

Will continues to get the majority of his nutrition through Pediasure liquid. It has always been our goal with the feeding therapist to get to a point where Will gets most of his nutrition from solid food. This is a small step towards that goal... and although Will may never be able to eat filet mignon, Nilla Wafers sure can make these two parents awfully proud.

Who knew chewing could be so exciting! I love that at the end of the video, Will looks around excitedly for another bite. He used to CRY when we fed him anything solid. Progress!!!

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