Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chaos paused

Life with three kids is understandably chaotic. For some reason, the morning is the most chaotic time of all. For a glimpse into our life now that we have returned to a two working parent family:

Shower 1, Shower 2
Feed Matt
Make bed
Wake up Will and Luke
Unhook Will from feeding pump
Convince Luke to get out of bed
Make boys beds
Change Will's diaper
Convince Luke to use the potty
Get Will dressed
Get Matt dressed
Turn on Weather Channel
Convince Luke to take off pajamas
Brush Will's teeth
Change Will's diaper again
Convince Luke that Cars underoos are just as cool as Nemo underoos
Get self dressed
Fight Luke into clothes
Take cleansing breath
Step over Otis
Fight Luke to brush his teeth
Fight Luke to wear his orthotics and shoes
Roll eyes
Turn off Weather Channel
Move gate from top of stairs
Move party downstairs
Give Will medicine
Sit Will in chair
Sit Matt in swing
Get Otis outside to do his thing
Feed Otis
Water Otis
Water plants
Give Luke orange juice
Give Luke breakfast
Hope he eats it
Pack bottles and food for Matt
Pack bottle, Pediasure, food, cereal, orthotics, and socks for Will
Look at pile of paperwork that needs to go back to schools
Write check for Will's book fair selections
Sign Luke's permission slip for a buddy program
Fill out Matt's diaper rash cream authorization form
Put finishing touches on Will's decorated paper turkey
Look for bus
Put bags by front door
Look for bus
Let Otis outside again
Pack Nate lunch
Pack Amanda lunch
Pack all pump parts
Put Luke on bus watch duty
Look for bus because Luke has walked away
We should commemorate Nate's first day back to work
Gather all in kitchen
Find camera

Crap, bus is here
Coats on boys
Pick up bags
Boys on bus
Matt in carrier
Open garage
Amanda and Matt in van
Nate in car
Close garage
Drive away
Bam! and it isn't even 7:15a yet


Christie said...

You missed the part where kids refuse to wear shoes or put on coats...and are therefore hauled out of the house screaming without said shoes or coats...oh wait. That's my house. :-) I wish I could say the chaos gets any better, but I'm still waiting for it...

Karen said...

I'm impressed that you still bother to make the bed ;).