Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our little Halloweenies

We spent last weekend with Grammy and Papa, who joined us from New York to celebrate Luke and Will's 4th Halloween (and Matt's first). Halloween has gotten progressively better for us over the past 3 years, and I am happy to say that this year was much better than last year. We actually got to trick or treat! Well... SOME of us did...

First things first - carve jack-o-lanterns! Over the course of many trips to the pumpkin patch and many trips to the grocery store, we amassed 7 pumpkins of various size, color, shape and consistency. So with Grammy and Papa in the mix, we had one pumpkin for everyone. In theory? Perfect. In practice? Daddy carved a whole lotta pumpkins (I think 3 on his own -we weren't really going to trust anyone under the age of 4 with a knife). All the jack-o-lanterns were different but equally as fun!

Next came the actual dressing of children in costumes. Very easy with Matt and Will. I won't comment on dressing Luke in costume and you can draw your own assumptions. And yes, if you're keenly aware of our family's Halloween history, these are the same Will and Luke costumes from last year! They were a little big last year and barely got warn... so... I recycled.

After all costumes were finally on, we stepped out into the street. Luke was tentative at first about ringing door bells. Once he got the hang of that, he stayed kind of tentative with the actual saying of the words "trick or treat." Good thing for him he's cute and knew to hold open his candy bag. He couldn't wait to get to the next house.

Trick or treating wasn't so eventful or fun for Will or Matt. I don't know if it is Will's visual impairment, that he was tired, that he couldn't get up stairs to ring door bells or some other thing going on, but he was in a crabby mood the entire time. Thanks to Grammy for doing her best to tame the fireman beast! And Matt? Well, Matt was a very sleepy little skeleton.

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