Monday, November 1, 2010

A little ditty about Luke and William...

...two American twins doing the best they can. Those are the only John Cougar Mellencamp song lyrics I know, so I'm gonna stop now while I am ahead.

Luke received this harmonica (which he calls a Hannukah) last Christmas in his stocking. He couldn't have looked at it longer than 2 seconds before moving on to something else. I quickly stashed the harmonica for a later date.

I rotated toys about a week ago and the Hannukah resurfaced. "New" toys! Now Luke won't put it down. When we showed him how to use it, he was very capable of blowing into it and making some fun noises. He continued to find his melodies and Will proceeded to giggle. Non-stop. Will's giggling made Luke want to make him laugh more and more. So the Hannukah playing continued, as did the giggling. It was great. It never got old.

Nate quickly moved to get the camera, and recorded the below video of true twin magic. I don't know if the video can give you an idea of how in awe we were of this moment. From my vantage point, it seems as though typically developing twins start very early with their interaction. They can do things that make the other giggle, and when they start talking, they automatically understand each other.

We didn't really have this experience because Luke was the only one really moving and talking. So to experience some of those magical twin moments, we were literally reliant upon Luke's development. Since he is now able to understand compassion, and seems to get a lot of happiness out of interacting with other kids his age (he didn't really do this for a long time), it appears as though now might be our twin magic awakening. A little bit overdue, but all the more appreciated.

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