Friday, April 15, 2011


We're still moving. At present time, we're about 98% complete. And doesn't it always seem like that last 2% of stuff is the stuff that you don't care about and just draaaaaaaaaaags along?

The first part of the move went pretty well. With the help of a couple dedicated friends, we were able to move a lot of the heavy furniture and essentials last Saturday. On Sunday, we started moving some of the less essential stuff. A little slower than Saturday. With a little more pain.

And then Monday hit. New day care. New travel times to and from work. A virus with fevers that hit all 3 boys in rapid succession, and unfortunately caused Will to have a seizure. Ugh. It was - thankfully - a single, short seizure.

So the last 2% is dragging. The goal is to get it moved soon so that we can have everything in one place and start the daunting task of unpacking. Don't you just love moving?!?!

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