Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For the love of Barbie

No news yet on the results of Will's sleep study from Sunday night. Hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow, when the neurologist pulls together all the data they collected!

In the mean time, I thought I'd share this awesome photo of Luke. He has made fast friends with a 6 year old girl next door. Often, he goes to see her and her mom before coming inside our house each afternoon upon arriving at home!

Lucky for Luke, she has a Power Wheels. Not just any Power Wheels... a bright pink Barbie Power Wheels. What is it with little boys and Barbie? I can remember my brother back when he was about Luke's age, wanting to play Barbies with me and my 9 year old girlfriends. We gave him the naked Barbie with a safety scissor crew cut. He went running off to my parents, crying that he didn't like naked ladies. Sorry Drew. Had to tell it.

Anyway, Luke has finally figured out how to drive the Power Wheels, both forwards and backwards. Look out! Note his huge grin and Spiderman helmet as he (very slowly yet excitedly) propels himself forward.

We've been told that we'll be inheriting the Power Wheels shortly, as our neighbor friend is outgrowing her ride. Not sure what to do about the pink truck body (maybe Luke wants to keep it?)... we might be able to paint it camo or something. But I think the tires will always be purple. Just a little homage to America's favorite impossibly-proportioned lady :)

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