Friday, April 29, 2011


I took the morning off to accompany Will to his monthly Family-School Partnership (FSP) day. This is an event that Will's teachers set up, and a time for families, students and teachers to go out together and do something fun. We've gone bowling (Will didn't seem to like it), we've done yoga (Will really didn't like it), and rollerskated (we didn't actually make it because we were in the ER for a seizure). Today we were planning to go to a local therapeutic horseback riding center.

Based on history, things weren't looking good for this FSP day. And when Will woke up today, things were looking even worse! He woke up with the cough that Luke and Matt have had, accompanied by stridor, chest retractions, and difficulty breathing. We drove to the doctor immediately. I thought for sure they would send us straight to the ER.

Will got a nebulizer treatment and a huge syringe full of steriods to decrease the stridor. Within a couple of minutes, he calmed down and the noisy stridor breathing lessened. Over the course of the next hour, the stridor decreased and they told us we could go home. Will was in a good mood, he wasn't having any more chest retractions, and with the steroid in Will's system, things were only going to get better.

By this point, we were late for horseback riding. But because I thought Will was SO going to enjoy the FSP day, we drove to the therapeutic riding center rather than home.

When we arrived, Will's horse Diablo (kind of a bad name for a gentle 19 year old therapeutic riding horse...) was waiting for him. Because Will isn't able to sit up, the riding instructor faced Will backwards on Diablo's back and laid him on his belly. Will was a little hesitant and nervous at first. Diablo was just as cool as a cucumber.

But by Diablo's third step with Will on his back, Will's mood changed. I think he fell in love with that horse! Will started giggling and smiling from ear to ear.

Will is still gaining head and neck control, so at some point during one of Diablo's many trips around the ring, Will had to put his head down. He just loved that walking motion so much. I thought he fell asleep! But as it turns out, he was awake... so happy, just enjoying this time. Eyes closed, smiling face. Just so peaceful and relaxed.

When we were done, we took a photo with Diablo and one of the volunteers. What a great time! You were right Tammy, Will loves riding! Now I am on a mission to find a therapeutic riding program closer to our house. I think this is something that Will would enjoy on a regular basis. It was certainly something that I enjoyed sharing with him.

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