Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The big reveal: A video by Luke

The time has come for us to move back into the very-adult, responsible, scary yet sensible world of home ownership! But despite rumors to the contrary, we aren't moving very far!! We have found a wonderful ranch house just a few miles away from our current house and are closing on it today! We feel so fortunate to have found a home in the area that we wanted (very close to Will and Luke's schools) and a floor plan that we love that is very accessible and easy for all of us to maneuver in. What a relief!

We're also very fortunate in that we sold our house 2 years ago and have been living in my mom's house ever since. It has been our safe haven during some difficult times over the past two years. When we started living in mom's house, Will was classified as failure to thrive. We cleaned up more vomit in this house than we ever thought possible! We made the difficult decision to have a surgical g-tube placed here. A couple of months later, I was placed on bed rest and Nate's contract position was eliminated. Looking back, it is really surprising how many challenges we were faced with in such rapid succession.

Thankfully, we're a couple of tough cookies. We weathered through those tough years, and came out stronger than before. Over the past year, we've welcomed Matthew into our lives, Luke and Will are thriving in their pre-K programs and have been healthy, and Nate is happily employed again. We are ready to start this new chapter! We're eternally grateful to Oma and Opa for allowing us to live in their house for this long, and are looking forward to their North Carolinian relocation later this year!

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D said...

Congrats! The house looks gorgeous!