Monday, August 22, 2011


Since school started back up, Luke started back up with wetting his bed at night. How's that for celebration of a new school year?! We bounced around ideas why... without a nap he's sleeping more soundly and not waking up to go potty, we're eating dinner a little later and not stopping his beverage intake early enough, etc. After 3 nights of Luke waking up in tears and cleaning up pee pee sheets, we weren't sure what to do.

In the middle of the night recently, I awoke to Will's pump beeping and him whining. As I typically do, I stumbled into his and Luke's bedroom to quiet the alarm, fix the reason for it beeping (usually a kinked tube), and adjust Will on his bed. As with a typical night, I turned around to leave and looked at Luke's bed.

He wasn't in it.

I was instantaneously awake, alert, and alarmed. Where was my son? This was the first time that I'd ever not seen him at his bed at 3:30a.

I checked Matt's room. No Luke. I checked in Luke's favorite hiding spot under his bed. No Luke. I walked back to my room to see if he was on our floor. Still no Luke.


And then I heard the sink running back in Luke and Will's bathroom. I ran to the source of the noise.

And there he stood. Luke on the toilet seat, leaning towards the sink. Orange 'Luke' cup in hand. Guzzling water from the tap.


Now there are no cups in the bathroom or available on any low table, counter, drawer, or shelf that Luke might be able to reach on his flat feet, tip toes, on a stool or on a chair.

And there have been no more pee pee sheets.

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