Thursday, August 4, 2011

A whole new world

In just a matter of days since they were ordered, Will's new glasses have already arrived! We picked them up - excitedly - today. Doesn't he look sharp!?!?! When we first put them on Will's face, he tried his best to whine and knock them off.

In order to give Will the best chance possible of trying out his new specs without distraction, I started an Elmo DVD (still a favorite around here). Will's eyes immediately focused sharply on the TV. I think I saw his jaw drop.

Though Will enjoys Elmo quite a bit, we usually have to remind him to pick up his head while watching (he drops it to his chest). I think after a while, his eyes would get tired or the colors would start to blur together and get boring.

I didn't remind him once during the DVD to pick up his head. He was intent. It was honestly like a whole new experience for him.

We're supposed to break him into his glasses-wearing slowly, so I didn't push him much past an hour tonight, but it is just going to be such a blessing for him to be able to see clearly now!


Karen said...

Will looks great in his glasses! And what a great sign that he can see clearly with them. I first got glasses at 9 and I still remember the amazement I had that I could SEE!

JoannaP said...

He looks so mature, such a little man. I remember my nephew getting glasses at that age. He ran around chasing dust in the air - that's how great it was.

Christie said...

OMGosh - look at how grown up he looks! Very handsome :-)