Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mother and Child

I grew up in Greenbelt, Maryland - a planned cooperative community that was created in the early 1930s as a part of FDR's New Deal. To those people who don't live in Greenbelt, the concept of it sounds very much like a commune - all the houses were originally built to look pretty similar, there was a food cooperative, and walking paths laid out throughout the town so that you could get to the center of town without crossing any roads. I loved growing up there.

One of the key parts of the city is Roosevelt Center, where the original town planners built said food coop, a pool, tennis courts, schools, movie theater, and shopping center. There is also a large area for gathering. In that gathering area, there was a statue erected called Mother and Child. It was pretty large and when I lived in Greenbelt, it was flanked by trees and stone checkers boards. I sat by it often, and never really thought about its meaning. Its a very art deco looking statue of a mother snuggling her young son.

This past weekend, our friends Chris and Jenn came to visit us. And we were so excited to meet their new son! I took a photo of Jenn and Andrew that I consider Mother and Child for this century. Congrats, guys!!

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