Sunday, January 6, 2013


The boys really started to enjoy trains this year, so for Christmas we decided we wanted to find them a train table. Back in September, Nate was scouring Craigslist every day and found a lightly used one for less than $75 with all tracks and trains included.  We were amazed - have you ever seen what they cost new?!

So after the boys went to bed one night, Nate brought the table inside and we stashed it in the attic.  And there it sat until Christmas Eve, covered in a sheet. We were excited to bring it out and set it up.  Thankfully the previous owners had numbered the track pieces and Nate had taken a picture of how the tracks were set up.  Otherwise, Santa would have had a really long night ahead of him.

There are several parts of the table that make noise when trains go across them - a rackety bridge sound, railroad crossing, a steam engine.  Nate had the forethought to set a train up ever so close to one of the noisemaking parts.  A booby trap of sorts.

We went to sleep.  I barely slept.  I was so excited for Luke and Matt to sneak out of their rooms and find the train table.  Luke typically wakes up around 5:45, and Matt shortly thereafter (we usually have to wake Will up around 7:30).  The clock hit 5:30 and I jumped out of bed to switch on the Christmas tree nights.

5:45 on the nose... and the train table started to make noise.  There was an immediate gasp and then a giggle from the living room.  We got a good laugh from that.

We snuck out to the living room quietly.  I snapped a single shot of Luke and Matt before they saw us and the quiet magic was gone.

Oh... how I love Christmas through their eyes!

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