Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We've had an up and down winter here in central NC.  Two weeks ago, we were outside in shorts playing cornhole and jumping in bouncy houses.  Today, it was 22 degrees outside when we put Will on the bus.  So weird.

Our boys have a funny relationship with winter.  Unlike Nate and me, they've never had to deal with the chill and reality of Rochester NY January blizzards.  A typical winter to the young NC Slaviks is when they have to wear a coat in the morning, but can probably be outside in a sweatshirt in the afternoon.  Putting on gloves is pretty infrequent, to the point where it is a game to see who can get their gloves on the fastest. 

Will enjoys being outside in cold weather, though he gags when we put on his coat (not sure why?).  His eyes get very wide and a smile breaks across his face when we leave the house.  He squeals the loudest when the temperature is below freezing.  He tries to eat the gloves off his hands.  Unfortunately because Will spends a lot of time sitting, he has pretty poor circulation in his legs.  Despite our best efforts to keep him warm with blankets and socks, his feet get very cold - even on a regular day with our house temperature set at 72 degrees, his hands and feet are like ice!   So although he likes cold weather, we don't spend too much time out there to keep him healthy.

Each morning this week, before we depart for Luke's bus stop, Matt is excited to put on his gloves, hat and coat.  He's excited at the prospect of standing at the bus stop with Luke.  But then we get out of the car.  His nose starts to run.  All he can say is "Mommy, I'm so COWD."  Repeatedly.  He demands to be picked up.  He wraps his body tightly around my torso and buries his face in my scarf.  Runny nose at all.  He's generally happy when Luke's bus finally arrives and he can get into the warm, waiting van.

My funny cold weather story involves Luke.  Tonight as Nate was giving the boys a bath, I was cleaning up from dinner.  Luke came out in his big wrap towel.  I had let Otis out into the backyard beforehand, and he came up to the door to be let in.  Without thinking and because I was up to my elbows in soapy water, I asked Luke to let Otis in. 

"But Mommy, its so cold outside."

I didn't look up - "Buddy, please, just let him in really quickly."

"But MOMMY.  It's REALLY cold outside."

I looked up to protest, and realized that he'd purposely dropped his towel on the floor.  He was standing at the back door with no clothes on, opening the door just a crack, and closing it quickly because the 32 degree air was REALLY cold.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  It's no secret that the Slavik boys like to run around naked before and after bath time.  It just didn't occur to me that Luke might have attempted to go outside in January with nothing on.  Maybe February, when its back to being 70 degrees again...

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