Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter break

Luke has been off of school since a few of days before Christmas. We realized a few days ago that the packet of homework that Luke's teacher sent home with him - the one that needs to be complete when he goes back next week - had barely been touched.   Time to get back into the school swing of things.

Luke was actually excited to do some school work - in between our play times, enjoying the random 70 degree days outside this past weekend.  He happily grabbed his crayons, pencil, glue stick and scissors and made his way to the kitchen table.

"Lay it on me, Mommy."  Clearly he was serious.

He slowly but deliberately made his way through the first sheet.  Coloring within the lines like it was his job.

Once he finished that page, he moved on to the next.  A word find.  Luke is a very good reader, and he gets a kick out of finding words that he can read all around him (for instance: "What is Bud Light?" and "The bouncy house directions say you should not leave me alone.").  I don't know if he has ever done a word find before... but gauging by his level of excitement in completing this one, it surely will not be his last.

Never to be outdone by his big brother or miss an opportunity to play with scissors, Matthew quickly figured out what was happening and pulled up a chair. He found some extra paper, snagged Luke's unused scissors, and snipped away on his paper... making the smallest bits of white paper confetti possible. Like so small a vacuum cleaner doesn't really help clean up the mess masterpiece (note the pinkie on his cutting hand).

Every now and again, he would stop snipping. He would sit back and stare intently at his work for a moment, decide where he wanted to cut next, and then attack.

If only all homework were this fun!


Jaerid said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Such beautiful boys!!