Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm usually a proponent of a firm bedtime but...

... its kind of hard when Luke just grasped the rules and excitement of football and the AFC Championship game was on.

We've always been a football family, but before this past season, none of the boys really paid attention. All of a sudden this year, Luke was very into watching football. He would sit there and watch a game with us, asking relevant and informed questions, and counting down the clock.  He gets so excited for any and all touchdowns that he inadvertently cheers when the other team scores a touchdown, and then checks himself after the fact.

It is truly a treat to watch Luke when he is watching ESPN's SportsCenter on Monday morning, after a touchdown-filled weekend of football.  He doesn't sit down.  Because it is a highlights show and they're usually either showing touchdowns or turnovers, Luke is typically standing up and cheering.  No matter the team. 

Luke was broken hearted when his favorite team, the NY Giants (Nate's team) didn't make the playoffs.  He was practically in tears when RG3 went out of the Redskins game (Luke's second favorite team; my team) and they didn't advance past the Wildcard round.  We can usually count on the Green Bay Packers for a good playoff run (Luke's third favorite team; Opa's team), however they didn't make it past the Divisional Championships.

But just when Luke had almost lost hope on teams to cheer for, the Baltimore Ravens (Luke's 4th favorite team) rallied around Ray Lewis and made it to the AFC Championship.

As the clock was nearing 8pm (typical bedtime) tonight, Luke kept telling me that he wasn't tired.  I didn't have the heart to make him go to bed.  He's so excited about the game.  Every 20 minutes, he'd see me look at the clock and reiterate "see Mommy, I am still not tired!"  He'd cheer for every Ravens score (he knew better than to cheer for the Patriots...).  He'd ask relevant questions about penalties.  He cheered each time Tom Brady got picked off.

With about 2 minutes left in the game, Luke let out a big yawn.  Nate took him to bed, and he didn't fight it - I think he was confident that his 4th favorite team would pull out the win.

Of course that won't stop him from reliving all the scoring excitement again tomorrow morning on SportsCenter!  Now I just have to figure out how to explain to him that after the SuperBowl, NFL football doesn't come back on TV again until August...

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