Saturday, June 13, 2009

All together now!

Will was officially released from UNC yesterday afternoon. We were able to successfully manage his pain with oral medications, so they sent us on our way with a fistful of prescriptions, a Kangaroo pump, and a ton of supplies! We had a difficult time filling the prescription for Oxycodon... apparently all of the CVSes in the Triangle area are on a manufacturers back order for the drug. Odd. We had a couple of technical difficulties last night with the Kangaroo pump, but we got things all worked out and used the pump overnight to feed and medicate Will.

Will seems a lot happier being back at home and Luke is happy to see his brother again. There were times this week where Will would have a really tough time with pain, and when I'd talk to my mom later, she would tell me that Luke woke up from a dead sleep - screaming - at (what turned out to be) the same time that Will was crying his hardest. We haven't had any of those "twin occurrences" that people talk about before now, but then again, they haven't ever been separated for this long before either.

Though not the best photo of any of us, I am posting a pic of me and my boys at Will's discharge yesterday afternoon... I was so happy to get out of there! Luke was distracted by a nurse walking by (such a boy) and Will was sick of the camera in his face yet again!

Oh, and guess who's already up to 24 lbs?!?! Will weighed 23 lbs before the g-tube surgery... so this is progress, and a definitive reminder that this was the right thing for him!

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