Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not entirely bad

OK, so now that I have had a couple of days to reassess the situation with our Father's Day weekend debacle, I have come to the conclusion that it was not really all THAT bad. It wasn't great by any stretch, but there were some fun times.

So, please take a walk through our Father's Day weekend at the beach through a Slavik photo montage below!

The boys getting packed up and ready to go to the beach on Saturday morning

Luke and Nate, introducing Luke to the ocean for the first time

Perhaps the only smile seen on Will's face the entire weekend, when we first got to the beach

Luke LOVED the ocean, especially the waves when they would almost knock him over. Shortly after this photo was taken, he got really brave and started yelling "bring it on!" to the sea.

We had a nice (but warm) outdoor patio dinner at Elijah's on the Wilmington Riverfront. Luke tried shrimp for the first time, though he ultimately liked the cocktail sauce better... until the horseradish got to him, and he started yelling "hot, hot, hot" and looking to Daddy for a cup of ice water.

Will FINALLY fell asleep at dinner. It was good for him to rest, and good for us to have a moment of peace.

After a night of little rest, Nate and I decided to skip his Father's Day brunch and head home. Not before Luke attacked the hotel elevator one last time (yelling "ding!" at the top of his lungs)... he even got ahold of the "assistance needed" button in the elevator several times. Our answer: Sorry! Two year old.

Will was all smiles on the way home, even enjoying a rousing game of "get the neck roll off of your head" while Nate and I scarfed down Dunkin Donuts. We tube fed him all the way home, to make up for some of the vomit he gave to Nate for Father's Day.

Speaking of tube feeds... we had Will's 2 week post-op appointment today for his g-tube surgery. He got his steri-strips off (no stitches to take out, though, since they used disolvable ones) and they told us everything looks good. He has gained weight since the surgery, so thats good news!

We talked a lot about Will seeming uncomfortable (though not in pain) and our family not getting much sleep over the past two weeks. We still have to figure out exactly the feeding regime that works for Will and for us. Will has always been a belly sleeper, and his belly isn't feeling 100% normal, so chances are, he isn't ever really getting into a deep sleep. We had a good night last night, though, so we're hoping we can keep trying to do the same type of routine (slow tube flow, starting Will out on his back, half way through the night, turning the feed off and letting him sleep on his belly without the tube poking him all night) tonight with the same luck!

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