Thursday, June 11, 2009

How do you Kangaroo?

Prior to March 2007, if you'd asked me what a kangaroo was, after arching one eyebrow and looking at you funny, I would have answered "an Australian marsupial" (also, a common noun - but just for the benefit of this story).

If you'd have asked me the same question prior to June 2009, I would have told you that "kangaroo" was actually a verb... its a NICU activity wherein you hold your unclothed child against your naked chest to encourage a calmer, more controlled breathing pattern and parental bonding. See the example of the verb kangaroo below, me and Will circa late March 2007.

Well now, the former Australian marsupial and naked hug has yet another new meaning. From now on, a Kangaroo is actually a proper noun... the brand name for Will's new feeding pump. See the pic below if Will this morning in his hospital crib, testing out his new Kangaroo and feeding tube.

So things are looking up here. The 36 hours post-op were a little rough going. Will was in quite a bit of pain after his feeding tube surgery. Finally late last night, we were able to take Will off of morphine. He's now getting ibuprofin every 6 hours and seems to be doing well on that. Additionally early yesterday afternoon, Will was changed from NPO (which somehow in Latin means "no food by mouth") to allowed to consume clear liquids. After he tolerated clear liquids for a while, he was allowed to start trying out the feeding tube - first with clear liquids, and then a slow flow of Pediasure.

He's been doing super ever since! He's playing with toys and parents, and flirting with nurses... back to his pre-op self. Its good to see him back. They are slowly working Will's tube feeds up to his routine feeding rate that we'll have at home, and once he tolerates that well and gets back to his normal mouth feeding pattern, they'll send us home with a Kangaroo and a couple of visits with a home nurse. We're anticipating our discharge sometime tomorrow, Friday.

Can't hold me down! Despite all of Will's monitor lines and a new IV in his foot (hence the large white board on his left foot), he was in no pain last night and resumed his kicking!

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Laney said...

When I was growing up, I had a neighbor who was on a "Kangaroo." I thought it was just the cute name she called I realize it was what the machine is!

Way to go Will!