Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long weekend (not the good kind)

We hope that all the fathers out there had a super Father's Day. The father in our house had a weekend at the beach that can be summed up in one picture.

Yes, we had a tough weekend. I had planned out a little 1.5 day trip to Wilmington to spend the day Saturday at Wrightsville Beach, the night in Wilmington for dinner, and then have a great brunch in Wilmington today before we drove home. I could not have foreseen that Will wasn't going to sleep the night before we left, wasn't going to nap on Saturday, and was going to have another tough night last night though!

We tried to make the most of the weekend away, but it was tough. We aren't sure if Will's in pain from his surgery two weeks ago (he doesn't seem to be, but at this point, I am wracking my brain for anything that could be going on), if he's started to cut his 3 year molars, or if he really got used to being cuddled at the hospital. He just wasn't happy unless he was being held in an upright position, while you were moving around. Laying down with him wasn't an option. Standing still wasn't an option. Being near the ocean made him cry. Oy. We just couldn't win.

Whatever this is, though, has made for a long two weeks around here since Will's g-tube was placed. We have our two week post-op surgery appointment this week, so we'll be having a long discussion with the surgeons about this. Think positive thoughts that Will sleeps tonight!

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