Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flying field trip

We are an airplane-loving family. About once a week, we all sit on the back porch and watch the airplanes lined up to land at RDU. Luke loves to yell "I see airplane!" and Will enjoys the excitement and the noise that an airplane overhead brings. Matt appears indifferent toward his brothers' flying machine addiction.

So imagine the boys' excitement when we announced we'd be taking Oma to the airport this past Sunday! I think we could have gotten Luke to agree to do pretty much anything as long as we were going to the airport to see airplanes. His recently-typical response of "no" to everything was replaced with a much more agreeable three-year old. Maybe we should go to the airport more often...

We intended to go to the top of the parking deck to view some airplane underbellies, so after dropping Oma off, we made our way towards the parking deck. Out of the corner of my eye, though, I saw a partially-hidden sign for "Observation Area." We decided to check it out.

After driving a while and thinking we were lost, we came to the observation area. It was pretty well-hidden and lacked a lot of signage... but it was like an oasis of families! People picnicking, kids running around... totally random. And totally new, well-kept, and with a superb view of the runway!

It was fun to see all the kids' excitement and awe as the airplanes rumbled down the runway. We could see far enough out so they could experience the moment when the airplane tiptoes off the runway and starts its precarious ascent to 30,000 feet. Oh, to be a kid again and marvel at these things... though I have to admit, its really fun as a parent to experience these seemingly everyday occurrences through the eyes of a three-year old. It sort of reminds you that little things can be exciting if you only open your eyes and watch them.

So if there's ever an afternoon when you're trying to reach us and we just can't be found, you might try the Observation Area at the airport... we might just be there picnicking or flying a kite!

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