Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot rod!

Will's got a new set of wheels! Over the past several months, Will has been working with his physical therapist on walking with assistance. Basically, she holds him up and moves his legs forward, and he does his best to stay upright and moves his legs back. Though his original response was to whine and complain, he's gotten a lot stronger and able, and therefore complains less when taking steps.

Will's current stander doesn't allow him to walk (though it is great for supporting him upright and allowing his leg/hip joints to feel downward pressure), so we started down the path of acquiring a gait trainer for Will. The gait trainer holds him in a supported, up-right position but allows him to move around with or without assistance.

Acquiring new equipment for a child with special needs is not easy, regardless of whether you have private insurance or Medicaid. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, different people to involve, letters of medical necessity to write (and ensure those letters contain the right key words!)... not to mention that from the time you choose the equipment with your physical therapist to when the equipment arrives, about 4 months have passed! It is a lesson in patience, aggravation, agitation... but there is definitely a sense of accomplishment once the equipment arrives!

So yesterday, Will's gait trainer finally arrived! Hurrah! It is going to take him a little bit of getting used to, but we have nothing but hope and excitement over what his new wheels are going to mean for his ability to get around on his own.

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