Thursday, May 20, 2010

One month old

Matthew is one month old today! To commemorate, he accompanied me to my 4 week post-op appointment to UNC. He mostly behaved himself and was happy to meet my OB and nurse again. It is really hard to believe that a month has passed already! The time is going quickly...

During the past month, Matt has met a great-grandmother, almost all of his grandparents, and his aunt. He's been a busy guy! When taking breaks from his demanding personal appearance schedule, he sleeps well and doesn't have a hard time eating. At his last pediatrician appointment, he was already pushing 11 lbs! Matt has been more alert during the day, and is working on holding his head up when spending some time on his belly. He has officially moved out of "baby blob" stage! Luke and Will are becoming more intrigued with him on a daily basis. We appreciate their curiousity, and somehow managed to avoid the "when is he going back to the hospital?" questions!

One of the more exciting events over the last couple of weeks was Matt's first tub bath. Matt was never a fan of his sponge baths, and definitely seems to enjoy spending time in his tub. Here are some G-rated pictures of his first time in the tub. Despite his trademark scowl, he really did enjoy himself!

I guess it's just not in the cards for me to have a child that looks like me, huh? How is it possible that all three of my sons look different from each other, but somehow look just like my husband?!?!

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