Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goings on

We've been a busy bunch over the past week! Here's a breakdown of some of the fun...

Matthew had his two week checkup with the pediatrician. He now tips the scales at 10 lbs and 6 oz... that's more than a pound gained since birth! He's also 22 inches long now. He's eating well and sleeping well too. Here's a recent picture of he and I together.

Will's class went strawberry picking at a nearby farm. It was great to get to know his teachers better, as well as some of the other children and parents from his class. Though it was a warm day, we had a good time and brought home enough strawberries to have jam for a year (which I proceeded to make and can that very afternoon!). Matt even got to join in the fun (strawberry picking, not jam-making... he's just a smidge too young for that).

Luke's class had a Mother's Day get together on Friday. I was so happy to be able to attend and see Luke's classroom and meet his teacher. They performed two songs for the mothers in attendance (Luke was a little too shy to perform) and then had some snacks together. It was a fun morning - especially since my post-op ban on driving is now lifted and I was able to enjoy the freedom of driving myself to and from Luke's school! Look out world... its been almost 4 months since I have been allowed to drive myself anywhere.

We spent Mother's Day weekend with my dad, Grandmama Tammy and Nana Jean (the boys' great-grandmother on my dad's side). It was cool to have so many generations together to celebrate! Nate enjoyed playing chef for the entire weekend (his delicacies included red velvet whoopie pies). We had lovely weather, and enjoyed a nice outing to the playground. Grandpa kept Will estatic the whole time by running him around the playground... they did wheelies and even lost Will's shoe at one point!

We also tried to pull out the kiddie pool for some splashing fun (it was nearly 90 degrees here this weekend), but it was a bit too cold for Will!

Matthew is becoming more and more alert these days and spending more time awake. He's quite content a lot of time time, and enjoys watching his brothers and dog run around from his perch in big brother Will's old bouncy chair... when his cheeks and lips don't get in the way! It's hard to believe that he is officially 3 weeks old today. Time is just flying for me, and I am trying desperately to slow it down!

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