Sunday, May 23, 2010

Test drive: a walking story

Slowly but surely, Will is getting used to his gait trainer. Walking in it certainly isn't his favorite thing to do these days, but he does enjoy the praise when his steps are completed!

Below is a video of Will's recent trip out of the garage and onto the driveway. You'll notice that at the start of the video, he's having a bit of trouble, but as he nears the end, he's really getting the hang of it! Eventually we'll work on getting him to hold up his head while he's walking, but for now, these steps are exactly what we want to see! Nate is bringing Will's feet forward for each step, but once Will has weight on his feet and is moving forward, he pulls his own feet back. He definitely understands the concept of how to walk, we've just given him the tools to do so.

No matter how, no matter when, no matter the circumstances, it really is a proud moment as a parent when your child takes his first step! Look how hard our boy is working! Look how far he's come already! Our hope is that with continued work with the gait trainer and his physical therapist, Will will continue to strengthen his trunk (core) muscles and will be able to take more steps on his own.

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