Sunday, June 27, 2010

Budding photog

Luke is a gadget kid. He loves electronics... the more expensive and off-limits, the better! From a very early age, he wasn't into fake electronics (ie a Fisher Price telephone), he wanted the real deal. I am sure there are many people out there who have been called a couple of times from Nate's or my telephone, only to find no one (silent Luke) on the other end.

He loves cameras, and loves to see the picture that was taken almost immediately afterward. We just couldn't afford to have him playing with our digital camera, so we decided to use some of our Toys R Us gift cards and purchase Luke his own fully functional, indestructible digital camera.

Luke has been taking a lot of pictures over the past couple of months, and I decided to go through them yesterday. After deleting about three-quarters of them off of the camera (solid white or solid black pictures), I downloaded them to our computer. And here are a couple of the best ones. The camera isn't the best digital quality and doesn't have a flash, so you just have to use your imagination and see these as the sheer genius that we do! I've added some captions for your enjoyment.

Self portrait

Matthew, before

Matthew, after


The Next Blair Witch Project

My best friend and favorite playmate, my twin brother Will

Just call me 'your highness'

North Carolina sky... with a tree and a gutter

Milk - they still don't trust me without a top outside of the kitchen

My all time favorite shirt - a gift from my brother Matt to make me like him when he was born

Otis... from his best angle!

My great-grandmother, Nana Jean (who my middle name is in honor of!)

Kitchen still-life (also... Mommy, if you're going to have a glass table, you really need to clean it more often!)

My aunt Kylie (I used the funny face option on my camera for this!)... she's really very pretty!


Hey, wait, who hijacked my camera?!?!

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