Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's no such thing as an 'empty calorie'

Donuts get a bad rap.

So although everyone went to sleep on the first pacifier-free night, there were several middle-of-the-night wake ups. Between Will and Matt's cries, I think Nate and I slept in less than 2 hours snippets. We were tired when we finally got out of bed in the morning.

A Dunkin' Donuts recently opened just down the road from us. And although I gave up coffee for my pregnancy and while nursing, all I could think about was getting some DD coffee. And also, I thought, donuts will surely make everyone (me!) feel less cranky.

Nate was in agreement with my plan. No arm-twisting required. We piled everyone into the van and made our way in our pajamas. There was simply no time to change clothes. We needed donuts and coffee that badly.

Once through the drive-thru, we gave Luke a plain glazed donut for the ride and made our way home. We got everyone back inside our house and comfortable, and sat down in the kitchen for our breakfast with zero nutritional value.

Luke decided he wanted another donut. I was about to give him another glazed donut when he literally opened the box and LICKED my marble frosted donut. I have no idea where he learned that. But he made his point. HE got the marble frosted donut and I enjoyed a glazed one. Here are some photos of Luke devouring his/my former marble frosted donut.

While we were enjoying some of our other un-licked donut selections and my coffee (thank goodness Luke didn't lick my coffee... there would have been fisticuffs), the sugar started to kick into overdrive in Luke's system. He just started blabbing about everything and anything, making funny comments, and generally making Nate and me laugh. Hard. It was great! We forgot all about the night before, being tired, and our general grumpiness.

So I will agree that donuts are not good on a daily basis. However, the donuts that we all enjoyed together yesterday morning were far from empty calories! If donuts can be the catalyst by which we create memories like this, then I say bring them on (in moderation, of course)! They may not have much in the way of nutritional value, but that doesn't always matter, now does it?

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