Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's a vicious dog!!

Otis has been accused of many things over the course of his life. He's been called lazy, crazy, hyperactive, overweight, goofy, fun, 80-lb paperweight, canine vacuum cleaner, cute, crotch-sniffer, energetic, silly, smiley, sad-eyed, expressive, lovable... amongst many other adjectives.

But on one special occasion, Otis was described as he has never been described before: VICIOUS. We have a couple of young kids who live next door. Their parents do a lot of yard work, and the kids are often outside playing while the parents make us look like yard-slackers. I digress.

On this particular day, the neighbor kids were outside. We were in between the garage and the house for some reason (not doing yard work!), and we let Otis out. Otis heard those kids squealing and laughing, and he wanted to be a part of it. Nothing we did could divert him from his course. He was off in a full gallop to have him some kiddie fun.

As Otis nears the kids, we hear the little boy yell "IT'S A VICIOUS DOG!" All the kids then proceed to run and squeal even more, which makes Otis think he's found himself a good game to play. The 'dog-chasing-yelling-child' game ends when we find Otis and return him to our garage after apologizing to the neighbors profusely. So now they think we're yard AND dog-owning slackers. Thanks, you (insert new, slightly-expletive adjective for Otis here) dog! Haha.

Otis is not a vicious dog. Though I do understand how a large, brown animal running towards you at full speed with his teeth bared (albeit in a smile with his tongue sticking out) could be intimidating if you didn't know him and weren't expecting it.

So now, in honor of Otis the Vicious, I give you his majesty posing in his most vicious of vicious poses.

It takes a tough dog to look vicious while exposing your underbelly to the world AND snoring at the same time!

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