Friday, June 25, 2010

Heads up!

At two months old, Matthew is starting to have milestones to reach. One of the important ones this month is learning how to hold up his head. He's doing pretty well at it, though he definitely isn't a fan of tummy time. I don't know any kid that actually likes tummy time when they first start out - Luke and Will certainly didn't. But I think once Matthew realizes that there's a lot of exciting stuff going on at our house, he'll want to pick up his head and take it all in. I think this will also serve as his motivation for mobility!

Other than head control, Matt is also doing more with his hands - opening, closing, and sometimes he even brings them together in front of his chest and taps them together like a baby Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Now if only he had a sinister laugh to go along with it...

Matt is tracking things very well with his eyes and seems to comprehend some things about his world. He knows when you're leaving the room (he lets out a cry to complain), when we're getting ready to feed him (the bird mouth starts to move), and when you're smiling at him (he smiles back).

He had his two month pediatrician appointment earlier this week. He weighed 13lb 11.5oz (95th percentile) and was 24.5" long (90th percentile). He's definitely a big kid... but hey, he's proportionate! He's already in his 3-6 month clothes, and will be graduating to size 2 diapers just as soon as this box of 1-2 size diapers is used up!

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