Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye to a friend

For the last 3 years and 3 months, Will and Luke have had a constant bedtime friend: their pacifiers. When they were smaller, they used pacifiers a lot (a habit left over from their NICU days). Over the past year or so, pacifiers have only been necessary during nap and bedtime.

Luke went to his first dentist appointment earlier this week. Everything went well, however the dentist noted that the shape of Luke's top front teeth are indicative of a pacifier user. And although it wasn't a problem yet, the time was upon us to discontinue use of the beloved sleepytime friend to avoid future dental problems.

We decided to take the paci-ending plunge this weekend. Although Will hasn't seen the dentist yet (we're awaiting an appointment at a special needs dental clinic), his teeth have the same distinctive shape from pacifier usage. He was not to be spared from the agony of giving up the pacifier.

We talked with the boys every day this week that on Friday night, the pacifiers were going away forever. They both acted as if they understood. Our hope that was by preparing them for it, the moment of truth would be less dramatic. We decided to make the pacifier elimination this weekend because I go back to work on Wednesday, and we wanted to have the potential drama of this occasion long gone before I needed to be alert at work!

I got a small plastic box and decorated it for tonight's occasion. We had a ceremony right before bed where the boys said goodbye to the pacifiers and put them in the box. Then Nate took the pacifiers out of the room. Maybe it was a little dramatic on our parts, but we didn't want to let this important big boy event go by without a little pomp.

Well the pomp was not really appreciated by Will and Luke. All the gearing up we did didn't have much of an impact on the drama. We said goodnight and kissed the boys, then closed the door as normal. There was a look of sheer confusion on Will's face. Luke immediately started crying. Will joined in.

Thankfully the chaos lasted only 20 minutes. And it wasn't Nate and I who caved in! Luke and Will actually went to bed without their pacifiers tonight. Hopefully the next couple of nights go a little easier than this, and by the end of the weekend, those pacis will be a figment of everyone's imagination.

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