Monday, October 10, 2011

3 backpacks

We met my dad (Grandpa), stepmom (Grandmama), brother (Drew) and his girlfriend (Nicole) this past weekend at Twin Lakes State Park in Green Bay, Virginia. We had been planning the weekend for a while... in between Maryland Terrapins football games and autumn plans. Things get busy for us quickly once the weather cools down a bit! Thankfully, the weather didn't cool down too much! We had highs in the mid-70s the whole weekend. Gorgeous weather. Cool four bedroom lodge. Lots of laughs.

In previous posts, I have told you about us going on hikes and having Luke walk himself. It is good for his physical therapy, but it definitely slows the whole process down! There are also usually only two of us, so two backpacks is just practical. But for this trip, with more able backpack carriers and available backs, we picked up a third backpack so that we could actually do some hiking. Luke was THRILLED to have a ride. "Unca Dew" was happy to oblige.

We were a pretty big group walking on those trails! We even had three dogs with us (more on that in tomorrow's post). We all had a great time... except for when we ran into a black snake (non-poisonous) that was trying to shake its tail and look like a rattlesnake!

I was the last one in our long line of hikers, so I have a lot of butt shots that no one wants to see. Here are some presentable pics from our treks through the ever so slightly autumn-looking forest.

On the first day, we let my dad take the reins as our trail guide. He got us lost (just a little). In his defense, he'd never been to the park before (none of us had been, though). But we did have a map. Lucky for us, Luke was there on the second day to show Grandpa how to read it.

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