Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bubba's got a brand new ride

As planned and just in time, Will's new wheelchair arrived today! The techicians from Carolina Mobility were super speedy and professional, and Will was sitting in his new ride in less than 15 minutes after their arrival. One would have thought this was a welcome change from being in his stander all day, however this was Will's initial response to his new seat:

He got progressively more used to it as the afternoon rolled on. There were even a couple of smiles spotted.

Will has been flexing and pushing against his new seat, just like he did the old one. The familiar creaks, bad positioning, popping bolts, falling screws, and broken headrest and tray supports were not there to respond. As Will pushes against his chair, he gets a very confused look on his face when the chair moves with him, controlled and purposefully. He gets mad when he stops flexing his legs and everything goes back right where it belongs. He gets upset, but Nate and I and all of Will's caregivers smile with one word resonating in our heads:


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