Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Doggy cousins

As promised yesterday, a post today about the dogs who came along on our cabin weekend in Virginia! Of course we brought Otis. He loves a good trip in the van, regardless of the destination. Drew and Nicole brought their dogs, Bo (middle, in photo above) and Hunter (far right in photo above). Otis, Bo and Hunter had never met before, so I was a little nervous about how their first meeting would go. We introduced them outside of the lodge so that no one would feel "ownership" of the house (thanks, Cesar Milan) and things went swimmingly. Literally.

The water in the lake was still pretty warm and the dogs had a long day of hiking, so we let them swim for a bit. Hunter is a beagle - a water dog just like Otis. Bo doesn't care to swim in the deep water, but definitely enjoyed splashing around. And when Hunter and Otis would bring in a jointly-retrieved stick from the water, she was happy to meet them on shore and steal the stick from them. Then she would prance around very proud of herself as the boys looked on, dejected.

The dogs also enjoyed a lot of rough-housing together, running around the fire pit, testing the ability of the lodge's carpet to hold up to doggie nails, eating each other's food and treats, nipping, talking, hiking, and most of all, sleeping like a pack (after all that playtime, they were dog gone tired).

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