Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin carving

We held off carving our pumpkins until the day before Halloween... partly to ensure that they wouldn't be mushy jack-o-lanterns, but also because we haven't had much free weekend time!

Each year we hope that the boys will be a little more excited about carving their pumpkins. Perhaps next year will be better! Ha ha. Luke was happy to tell me how to carve his pumpkin, but he wanted NOTHING to do with all the "pumpkin goo" that needed to be removed from the inside. Matt quickly followed suit... preferring to wait until Nate had cleared out his pumpkin innards before venturing into the pumpkin with his spoon. Will was happy to laugh at all of us on the porch, and enjoyed wearing his pumpkin as a hat (and also staying away from the goo).

So even though Nate and I did all the carving and goo removal, I think you'll agree that the pictures look pretty good! Thankfully the weather warmed back up to a slightly more NC autumnal appropriate 55 degrees (sorry Northeastern friends with power). Things are looking good for the emergence of Buzz Lightyear, Army Ranger, and Garden Gnome!

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