Thursday, October 13, 2011

Space... the first frontier

You know how it took us so long to unpack after we moved in this past April? Well it is taking us even longer to decorate! Thankfully, after many weekends of painting and deliberating, Luke and Will's space room is finally complete. The first room! Nate did a great job hand painting planets and asteriod belts and the sun on the wall! I'm no painter, so I did my part by finding vinyl wall clings on Etsy, a magnet board, and decorations to fit the theme! Its great to finally have one room complete, and everyone seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.

Our goal in putting so many bright things on the wall was to give Will some visual stimulation. He has shown some signs of noticing the stars near his bed, and the bright orange and yellow sun on one side of the room. Success! Luke likes to tell us that his vinyl space ship is pointed towards Earth and Will's in pointed towards Mars, and when he's mad at someone, the first threat is that you can't go on his space ship. Yesterday he told me that no one from the family was allowed on his space ship because he was mad at everyone (he didn't eat his dinner, we made him go put on his pajamas).

Luke: Mommy, you can't go on my space ship with me. Not you, not Daddy, not OT, not Matthew, not Will, and not Will's wheelchair.

Its good to know that Luke holds Will's wheelchair in such high regard! As a member of our family! I had to laugh.

Now on to Matt's room... at this pace, we'll be ready for a housewarming party about this time next year!

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Karen said...

Very cool! I need some tips for my house. ;)