Monday, January 16, 2012

Big day

Tomorrow is a big day for Will. He is on the OR schedule for early in the morning, for a surgery that will hopefully change his quality of life. We've got Will's pump going full speed right now, because he cannot have any more food after midnight. When we have turned off his pump early before previous surgeries, Will hasn't slept too well. I think he's gotten accustomed to sleeping with a semi-full belly.

I'm not too worried about that right now, because Will has been sleeping terribly over the past week. And turning off his feeding pump early isn't the culprit. We know it is another sinus infection, but there isn't much that can be done. No drugs will take this infection away. Sadly, even Mucinex isn't having an effect.

His face is full of something... likely fungus but it could possibly be just a huge mass of something else gross. It has to be painful. And I know it is hard to breathe. He's waking up regularly, with a sharp breath in, then a long pained cry. I feel so bad. We've been taking turns staying up to attend to him, trying to allow the other at least one night of uninterrupted sleep. It has been a long week, waiting for tomorrow morning to arrive.

I'm not scared about this surgery. I know that the days following the operation to open up Will's sinuses aren't going to be fun for anyone. But I feel confident that by this time next week, this surgery is going to make him so much happier, healthier and more rested.

So he'll go in first thing tomorrow morning. Thankfully the hospital schedules kids for first thing in the morning, so they don't have to go without food for too long. The procedure should last less than 2 hours, and as Will is recovering from anesthesia, we're hoping to be able to talk with the ENT. He should be able to tell us a lot immediately about the state of Will's sinuses, their fullness, what he saw, and what he did.

They will send the cultures away to determine exactly what it is that is growing in Will's sinuses and causing him such frequent infections. I am not sure how long those cultures take to come back, but the results will dictate how his ENT will proceed with treatment.

Keep Will in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. It certainly won't be a comfortable day for Will, but it will hopefully be the first step on a long and airy, breathable, uncongested, fungus-free road for our tough boy.

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