Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today went pretty well! Nate and Will arrived at the hospital on time, and then proceeded to spend the better part of the next 3 hours hanging out together as they waited for anesthesia. We called it "bonding time" rather than a really long wait. But shortly after the pre-surgery anesthesia consult and a quick chat with the ENT, Will was changed into a lovely gown and big socks and whisked away.

We were told that the surgery would take a total of 90 minutes, most of which would be eaten up with set up. They have to get the breathing tube placed, start the IV, administer the anesthesia, position his head correctly, and then figure out how best to get all their lights, fiber optics, and surgical tools up Will's little nostrils. No wonder he came out of surgery with two larger nostrils than he went in with!

The "your table is ready" pager went off almost exactly 90 minutes after he was whisked away. We could hear Will in the PACU before we saw him. He does not wake up from general anesthesia well. But who does? He was mostly just mad. It was not a pained cry that he was making. It was a "what the heck just happened to me... who are these people... why does my nose feel like it is full of packing material... where are my pants" kind of whine.

When we went to pick him up (in hopes of offering some comfort), Will's nose started to ooze yucky post-surgical stuff. I felt bad, but I had to keep gently wiping his nose to keep the ooze at bay. Thankfully it stopped after about 30 minutes.

We were able to calm Will down and he gulped down a small container of applesauce. I think it made his throat feel a little better after the breathing tube he had during anesthesia. They removed the IV and we started to get Will dressed.

Finally we saw the ENT! He told us that everything had gone as they planned. He did point out that when they opened up Will's sinus, what they removed didn't look like "typical fungus." By that he meant that what came out of Will's face, at least at first glance, looked like a terrible bacterial infection. No fungus. The culture that they took is the only 100% positive way to know exactly what had taken up residence in Will's sinuses, but those take 5 days to come back.

No fungus is good. Bacteria is typically much easier to treat.

So then we were discharged. With a prescription for an antibiotic, recommendations for pain relief (Tylenol!), awareness that they had used a disolvable packing in Will's sinuses and that would start to come out in the next couple of days, and a follow up appointment for a week from tomorrow.

Will was so much happier in the car. And then he spent the remainder of the afternoon a little out of it, but still happier than he was at the hospital. We are keeping up with the Tylenol, and things seem to be going well. Will keeps sneezing! We thought for sure this would be painful to him, but he just thinks it is hilarious.

We already notice that his breath smells better. He ate well this afternoon, though he doesn't want to drink. I think its probably difficult to drink when your face is full of packing material. Hopefully as that dissolves, Will's desire to drink comes back.

Thanks for checking in on us today, and for all the positive energy sent our way! Will proved himself a champ once again. He's on the up and up again! Just a little goopy.

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