Sunday, January 1, 2012

The day after

Christmas brings out a lot of emotions in people - happy, sad, lonely, loved, humbled, warm, and stressed. I found that even with our three young kids, there was a little bit of stress with the holiday. Between overwhelming gift-opening and being off of the regular routine, there were a lot of tantrums and tears during the day after Christmas.

We decided to get out of the house, spend some time together, release some endorphins, and enjoy the 55 degree December weather. Though we have tried other parks closer to our house, there is still nothing in our area that compares to Marla Dorrel Park and Kids Together Playground in Cary. It is a good 40 minutes from our house, but we find ourselves going back regularly because of the handicap accessibility and the fact that it is easy for Will, Luke and Matt to have a good time for a couple of hours.

Success! Will had a great time being pushed all over the jungle gym by Nate and Luke. Matt tested his chops on the 5-8 year old playground and held his own. And Luke just enjoyed running and squealing all over the place, thoroughly enjoying the change of scenery!

Seems like the truest meaning of Christmas to me.

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