Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mountain Climber

Jack Murray passed away today. Jack had been fighting a terminal infection for the past several years. I blogged about Jack and his family last year when he had a scare and spent a long time in the PICU. Jack was back in the PICU for several weeks in November, and his parents Julie and Brian decided the best place for him to be was at home in the arms of his loved ones. He spent Christmas and New Years enjoying all their love, and went to sleep early this morning. Peacefully.

Please keep Julie, Brian, Kali, Gabe and Casey in your thoughts and prayers. They have a tough road ahead of them. If you have a moment, visit Jack's Caring Bridge website: Julie and Brian have done such a remarkable job telling Jack's story and keeping themselves grounded through Jack's illness. They are an inspiration and a source of strength for so many going through similar experiences.

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